Thursday, December 1, 2011

this coming Saturday .. what are we having?

Hey Hey Hey!
Calling for everyone's attention :D 

This Saturday, Barnabas is having our very very LAST group meeting together as a group.

Anyway, Hope to see everyone of you all :) 

We will be having our very own steamboat @ Joey's house.

Please bring your friends! :D 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

this coming week ... :) !


FOR P1 ... :) We're HAVING!

for P2 ! :) 

Hope to see you soon. :) 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you going to Logos Ship ? :)

An excursion to go !! 


Apprentice !

Apprentice! :) 
well done, our idea were sold to Mr David "Trump" Lian. XD hahaha.

anyway, we did some creative works. 

Kai Siang.

doing Sign Boards for Carnival! :D 

Painting department.

Games. CB Loong. 

Mei Mei, Mei Yen & Angel.

Games! Shooooot Em' ALL ! :D 

nice hor nice hor ? XD 

supposing this word is PETRA GOSPEL CENTRE! 

YESSS! our carnival is held @ Petra Gospel Centre , 29th October 2011 , 12pm! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How was the Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt last week XD
some pictures here XD 

Jia Xhen. briefing for the first game.

our first game! ;) hahaha.

moving to our second game :P 

Kai Siang. 

Boon Loong.

Yoke Ben. 

Mei Yen. 

Boon Loong.


Ivan T. 

turn turn turn ~~~ 

Louis. our third game! 

then, we have to save our group leaders! :) 

Wen Cheong. 

Yuke Bin. 

Ivan T. 

Boon Loong. 

four of them. lastly, all are saved :)

that's a wrapped up! :) 

we went to Sg Gabai!

Sungai Gabai! :)
sorry for the late update XD 

so, Barnabas did went to Sg Gabai! :) 

while we're on our way to Sg Gabai ~~~~~~~ 

Iris & Sin Huey :) 

Jia Yin, Vivienne & Pei Tze. XD 

Suet Ling, Angel & Mei Mei. :P 

Mei Sun & Sin Huey jie jie. 

Barnabas! :) this is nice. really. 

on our way up ~~~~~~ 

climb, climb up sunshine mountain. :) 

we reached!isn't it God's creation beautiful? :) 

and we start playing! :) 

Vivienne & Michelle. 

Angel, Mei Mei, Aaron & Malvis. :) 

Bei one. ><" Aaron Wong.

Malvis. Bei one also ><" 

Pei Tze & Mei Mei. :) 

Little Michelle :) 

Sok Mun & Jia Yin XD 

yum yum! :P 

this is FUN! 
Michelle, Chloe, Iris, Vivienne & Jia Yin. READY TO SLIDE! 

please don't miss out any fun activities with us. don't you regret now? :P